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Version 2.0 released

Version 2.0

A new update has been released upgrading all sites to version 2.0.

The full list of features can be seen below:

  1. Added: Mobile styling, now compatible with Ipad, Iphone, Android, Windows phone.
  2. Added: support of thumbnail image on seminar sessions
  3. Fixed: black header option now correctly displays
  4. Updated: Speaker list styling now clearer when long job title and company names exist.
  5. Changed: Many admin tweaks for small styling bugs and typos.
  6. Fixed: Dates to diary ical file now includes venue
  7. Fixed: Event description and keywords now appear in sites <head>
  8. Added: Help text to add links to strapline ticker
  9. Added: Change GA Code to “Tracking code” – a text area. Also help text to say it will be added to the help text.
  10. Fixed: Tracking code now appears in the <head>
  11. Changed: Seminar list session title now smaller to fit longer sessions.

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