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Tunbridge Wells WordPress Meetup #WPTW: July 2017

Talk 1: Dominic Johnson, Miramedia.

Dominic builtĀ a website for a client using WPEngine hosting and a purchased theme. Covering:

  1. Setup a site on WPEngine – www.miramedia.co.uk/wpengine
  2. Buy and install a pre-built theme
  3. Buy a domain name & point at the new wordpress website
  4. Add creative (previously designed and developed by Miramedia)
  5. Tweak the website, add copy
  6. Launch the site & train the client.


Talk 2: Mike Houghton, Depth of Focus: WordPress hosting & Management: An overview

In this talk, technology Consultant Mike Houghton discusses and compares the various hosting options for your WordPress site.


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