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Developer Diary: October

This month we officially launched the ‘Prism theme’ so a lot of development was based around this.

Event Settings (Platform Wide)

  • Fixed issue with iframe placement
  • Fixed issue with iframe edit buttons not being visible
  • Fixed issue with the theme customizer unexpectedly reappearaing in wp4
  • Removed the new BWP sitemaps plugin admin menu as it’s not required
  • Added theme name and version to admin footer for clients
  • raised priority on admin menu cleanup function to try fix bugs with menu items magically re-appearing
  • Removed the shortcode helper plugin from the admin for administrators
  • Images now compressed to a maximum of 2000 pixels rather than the originally restrictive 1000

Prism Theme

  • Work on the mobile version mainly the footer widgets styling
  • Major cleanup of css / scss files
  • Temporary version for nav amends after major bug with dropdown found
  • Fixed speaker horizontal layout bug on the single sidebar layout where the image was the wrong proportions
  • Fixed issue with sponsor logos overlapping content on single sidebar layout
  • Tweaked the shortcode config for the teaser block renamed image block shortcode
  • Added PSD’s from certain image files
  • Added new required plugins for redirection tool
  • tweaked footer styling for footer widgets
  • Fixed styling issues in the footer area for sponsor logos widgets
  • Fixed styling of menu widgets in both the sidebar and footer areas
  • Fixed issue with the sidebar menu widget placing buttons too wide for the sidebar
  • Fixed issue with the nav menu appearing too wide in the sidebar
  • Fixed issue with slider floating over the navigation when it was the first element in the content area
  • Added filter to enable the customizer on the main admin menu
  • Fixed broken links on appearance overview
  • Added theme overview page content
  • New screenshot and some updated commenting in functions.php
  • CSS reformatting
  • tweaked required plugins
  • tweaks to required plugins
  • Test to confirm the git repository rename and migration was successful
  • Renamed theme to ‘Prism’ after the collapse of the MiraCX dream
  • Prepare for bugs, lots of tweaks and bits finally pulled together

Sphere Theme (previously cw-theme-2014)

  • Added Redirection and Redirection Overview as required plugins
  • Cleaned code in fn-includes.php
  • cleaned code in misc peices
  • Renamed theme to ‘Sphere’ in line with new product line updates

Wedge Theme (previously cw-theme-2012)

  • Renamed theme to ‘Wedge’ in line with new product line names.
  • Added screenshot to match

Sponsors (Platform wide)

  • Added clearfix to widget
  • Updated CSS after the radio fields markup was changed in the core event settings plugin

Redirection (Platform-wide)

  • Initial commit

Exhibitors (Prism Only)

  • Initial commit
  • Reshuffle of file names

Customizer (Prism Only)

  • Added the navigation hover color
  • Renamed plugin and files accordingly
  • Initial Commit

Action bar (Prism Only)

  • changed bitbucket host name
  • Fixed issue with an empty slider hitting a fatal php error

Teaser Block (Prism Only)

  • Initial commit for the teaser-block/image-block functionality. Currently only for the Prism theme

CW Overview Plugin

  • Switched to a datatables js / css and it is amazing
  • Better everything!
  • Tweaked output so it’s filterable
  • added link to network admin bar
  • added tablesorter and tweaked information

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