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Developer Diary – November

November mainly followed¬†general support across all themes and functionality. The API got it’s first client use¬†as well as some of the first Prism sites going live.



– Fixed issue with custom ordering on the speaker widget
– Added filter to the default avatar


– Storage space limit upgraded systemwide


– Tweaked the seminar title output
– Cleaned up the post title from displaying raw HTML
– Unhooked the activate/deactivate filter

Sphere Theme

– Added lineheight styling to sponsor excerpt
– Added heatmap plugin as a required plugin

Prism Theme

– balanced cta styling in sidebar and actionbar
– Added activation for the heatmap plugin
– Fixed issue where rounded corners broke the dropdown navigation :S
– Added font dropdown back to admin, was previously hidden on a discontinued admin page.
– Adjusted size of footer widget titles
– Tweaked actionbar double link to a larger font size

Action Bar

– Added ability to link the static image using the ‘media link’
– Added ability to link the slider images using the ‘media link’
– Added url parsing to detect if link is external, if so it opens in a new tab


– Added handle for the hover colors to show live updates
– Fixed issue with live colours not updating
– Added warning message for the nav hover colour to remind user to refresh once set as it’s not possible to update the hover css

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