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Developer Diary – June

Only a small update this month, now we’re heading into the¬†summer holiday season there’s a big rush from other clients¬†on the bespoke / larger events side. As this quietens down in the summer weeks we’ll be able to focus on some of the bigger tasks waiting in the wings.


  • Added backlink for exhibitor profiles


  • Stripped out any https links for the edit seminar session button

Sphere+ Pagebuilder

  • New Feature: ‘Speaker Wall’
  • Removed old deprecated speaker list as it clashed with the existing speaker list shortcode
  • Tidied code
  • Added speaker groups to the speaker wall
  • Added basic ordering options to the speaker wall
  • Fixed bug with incorrect css
  • Duplicted speaker list shortcode with intention of removing to avoid clash with other shortcodes
  • Removed lazy loading from the slider when images are used to fix bug with first slide not loading
  • Fixed bug with sponsor logos with no logo


  • Added in extra check for exhibitor plugin prior to using the exhibitor template (belt and braces)

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