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Conference Websites Anchor Tags

This functionality is used if you might want to jump to specific sections of a page.

A few examples:

Jump to Section 5 – http://demo.conference-websites.co.uk/anchor-tag-shortcodes/#section5

And then Jump to section 2 – http://demo.conference-websites.co.uk/anchor-tag-shortcodes/#section2

To use this feature:

To add the point you jump to, copy and past the following text into the section of the page you want to jump to: “[anchor id=”section1″]”.

To link to this page add the text #section1 to the end of the page name.

Example text from the examples above:

You can then add this to menu items or any page content.


To do this, use the Custom Link section of the menu administration:

If you have any questions, leave a comment below:

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