Conference Websites 2014 Widget Breakdown

In this blog post I will breakdown the widgets available for use on our 2014 Conference Website platform.   Add To Diary The ‘Add To Diary’ widget allows a user to click the button to add the date of the event to there Google, Apple or Outlook calendars. When the button is clicked the user […]


We have partnered with Credit Card processing company and Gravity Forms – the leading WordPress Form builder (packaged with Conference-Websites). The price for this is £350 setup with the following Stripe processing fees – 20p + 2.4%. For further information on pricing, please visit:  Please contact us for more information –  

Pop up adverts

The Advert / Teaser pop-outs is now available to use on the Platform. Here is a demo on Features: Displays / edits: – Images – 100px x 100px – Title – Teaser text – Link text & link Only displays to new visitors not returning Mobile optimised for phone or tablet Administration / how […]

Miramedia Now Offer Print Design & Branding services.

Miramedia can now offer full design and branding services. The package is £500 and includes everything you need in order to build a great looking professional website using the platform: Deliverables include: Logo design Logo treatment – web and print versions Web header Web background design (might be blank) Full page advert TOTAL COST: £500.00 *Added […]

5 Things to do today to improve the SEO on your

5 Things to do today to improve the SEO on your 1. Add your site to Freebase Freebase is a “A community-curated database of well-known people, places, and things”. We advise that you submit your event. If possible, add your event to the topic and not as an event. WHY: well why not? It’s another […]

3 reasons why One Page Websites are bad for SEO ranking

SEO is crucial in the success of a website. Without a strong SEO presence your website can really struggle to get regular visitors. In this blog post I will discuss how one page websites are not SEO friendly and why multipage websites should always be used. One page websites are funnily enough a website with […]

Heartbleed security bug: You’re safe with us!

Our heart is not bleeding! In the last few days an alarming lapse in Internet security has exposed millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive bits of information to potential theft by computer hackers who may have been secretly exploiting the problem before its discovery. Conference websites has looked into this issue and […]

Using the colour theory in your Conference Website

Colours are one of the most important parts to a website design. The colour theory gives a designer a helping hand at choosing the correct colours for a website. Why use the colour theory? The colour theory should be used in the colour choice for any form of design. This theory will ensure that your […]

Button Styles

With the new Conference Website 2014 theme we offer you the chance to customise your buttons to the style of your website. Buttons have 4 choices of corner roundness along with 7 different arrow styles. You can also customise the colour of the buttons to match the colour scheme of the website.

10 best event websites 2014

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