10 Biggest Event Website mistakes – Part II

6. Add links to ALL key elements.  The below should link to more info, detailing what a great event it’s going to be.   7. Never lump company logos together into one graphic -” Just some our 2014 attendees” Each logo should be linked, with alt text and context. A good CMS will allow you […]

Developer Diary: February

February saw more testing and groundwork for the Unyson and Prism+ concepts. All live Prism sites have been shifted to ‘Prism+’ enabling a lower price bracket for the ‘Prism’ theme without the extra aesthetic features. The biggest new feature to shout about is in the exhibitor section. You can now select the exhibitor list to show only […]

10 Biggest Event Website mistakes – Part I

1. Speed. Test your site using Pingdom or another website testing site. Areas that need improvement: Page size = this is too large, ideally needs to be around 500Meg or lower. Also a Load time of 3.42 seconds is too high. What can be done: Review every image and external piece of media on the […]

Development Diary – December & January

With the winter break in the middle this is a combined dev diary for January and February. A lot of the public facing work has been small increments with bug fixes or tweaks. Behind the scenes we’re working on the next major update which involves a new homepage builder for some more dramatic designs, layouts […]

Multi-language support for your Conference Website

Conference-Websites.co.uk can work in pretty much any language. There are 3 options available on your conference websites: Option 1: 2 separate Conference Websites Example: Arabic: http://arabic.saudisustainablesymposium.com/ English: http://www.saudisustainablesymposium.com/ + Very effective, completely different site. + Simplicity – Duplication of content. Option 2: Use Google Translate Example: English: http://demo.conference-websites.co.uk/ Spanish: Demo site converted to Spanish + Cheap – Not that […]

Miramedia closed during Christmas period

  From the 19th of December until the 5th of January the Miramedia offices will be shut close for Christmas!   However incase of URGENT jobs / emergencies please contact Dominic directly Email: dominic@miramedia.co.uk    

Mira.cx Prism New Theme Design & Sizes

Prism brings a whole new set of functionality along with a modern feel to our conference websites platform. After many months of planning and development we truly feel Prism the the solution to anybody wanting a conference website. Some of my previous blog posts show wireframe versions of the websites demonstrating the different sizes in […]

A Christmas Present : Free upgrade to 50 Megs of space

We used to restrict the storage to 25Meg – it’s now 50 Meg, an extra 25 Meg on us. Following on from a previous post:How to keep within your Disk Space Allocation we have decided to extend the standard space allowed to 50 Meg. This is now set at the average size used across all our […]

Using Heatmap to track what users are looking at and Clicking on my website

Heatmap is a great new tool we’ve installed to help you work out which CTA on your event website are the most popular. An overview of how to use this: Click on the heatmap link on your admin screens and setup an account on Heatmap.me. There is a free version which works with 1 website, 5 […]