404 pages are now editable

What are 404 pages? The 404 page on a website is displayed when there is a request for a page that cannot be found on the site. So for example, just goto http://www.bbc.co.uk/load-of-old-noncense. So why would I want to edit them? Because they are your customers and they are not finding what they are looking for […]

Introducing – The Design+ Pack

What is it It’s a collection of widgets, design options and tools to help you layout pages better. The 1 page Home Page: It is now possible to set the page template to “Full Width” and create a Home Page that lists all the key content from the Event. The page is split up into sections […]

Developer Diary: May

May was dedicated to increasing the speed of the sites, making as many optimisations as we could to get a speed increase without changing the design of the sites. We focused on optimisations to the page construction timing, moving all javascript to the footer of the site and introducing lazy loading so images (such as sponsor logos) […]

Moderated Social Content, Embedded Upon Your Website

Web Scoops are a tool that helps to easily cherry-pick the best social comments, pictures and videos & publish them directly to your website. A great way of increasing your brand recognition is through the implementation of an EventBeat Web Scoop, as it can seamlessly slot into any of the pages on your website to […]

Live Support Chat Now Available!

We are glad to announce our live support chat is now available for all Conference Website customers.  You can activate this chat by clicking the chat button in the bottom right hand side of the website once you are logged in as a admin.

Developer Diary: March/April

Since launching the new page designer (a great preview of this is iotx.ae for Dubai World Trade Center) we’ve focused on supporting issues for this as well as bug fixes across our other functionality. Behind the scenes Prism+ is in Beta and getting ready for the Unyson update to fall inline with the Sphere+ theme. Highlights:  WordPress updated […]

Google are changing search results to promote mobile friendly websites

From 21st April, Google will be changing their search algorithm ranking down all websites that are not optimised for Mobile devices. The effect of this will be a drop in ranking for sites across all devices, desktop, tables and mobiles. To check to see if your site is mobile friendly, Google have released a mobile testing […]

New Functionality – Exhibitor Groups

We’ve added a new way to categorise your exhibitors – similar to groups in the speaker and seminar system. 1. Define the categories   2. Add the category filter to the Exhibitor List Button  

This months great event websites

Prism Sites – for larger Conferences & Exhibitions Designing City Resilience Education Estates Airportsecurity Conference  WEPower  Sphere Sites – Rant Conference Please let us know if you have any questions on specific design elements – just add your questions in the comments section below.