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Conference Websites One Month Free Trial

Get a Months Free Trial

We all love free stuff. He’s how to get a conference website totally free for 1 months:

  1. Signup
    Non-Uk, so US and everywhere else
  2. When it comes to the payment screen, enter one of the following coupons:
    For US $s – “USD-1-MTH-FREE
    For UK ┬ús – “UKP-1-MTH-FREE
    You have to still enter a valid credit card (so we know you’re a genuine guy) but we won’t take anymore from you at this point.
  3. Cancel the account with 30 days – using the admin screen. The account will stay open until the end of the 30 days so feel free to cancel right away.

Any comments, please let us have them. We can offer an online demo / meeting it you’d like – just get in-touch.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below:

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