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New features and fixes released today

With a constant energy on improving our conferencing system we’ve released a new batch of updates improving several different aspects of the admin area and front end of the site.

See the full list of updates below:

Went Live V2.2

  1. New Feature: Option to select the speakers to display on the homepage.
  2. New Feature: The seminar layout can be changed to show full session details, part or minimal.
  3. Fixed: Speaker details page shows comma if no job title exists.
  4. Fixed: Sidebar link custom colour not being used in IE7 & 8
  5. Added: Speaker photo now displays on seminar programme and speaker profile.
  6. Added: link to the latest updates (blog) from the dashboard
  7. Updated: Prev/Next links size increased for speakers
  8. Updated: links to speaker details page only exists if there is a biography in all situations
  9. Updated: Navigation text now bold
  10. Updated: Iframe embed now supports either the full embed code or just the URL.
  11. Updated: Styling on navigation bar and sidebar link hover states to ensure hover is always visible when custom colours are used.

Went Live V2.1.1

  1. Fixed: Nav background colour bug with IE 7 & 8

If you have any questions, leave a comment below:

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