New Presentation System Launched today (only available on Design+)

Add files, PDF presentations, documents, slides to the session Edit the session. Half way down the page, there is a section “presentation documents” Add the list of seminars with presentations to a page From the Visual Page builder, click on Add Seminar buttons from the content selection At the bottom of the pop-up window is an […]

Defining different speaker roles for your session.

Q. I have a chairman and some panellists for a particular seminar session. How is the best way to display these different contributors? A. Using Speaker Roles within the seminar system. Q. But How do I do that? A. Simple. Just follow these instructions: 1. Add 2 Speaker roles: Chairman & Panelist ADMIN > SEMINARS […]

New Feature: Switch to a Mobile version of a page

Switch to a Mobile version of a page All sites are responsive and so will be optimised to fit nicely onto a mobile device, be it phone or tablet. However it might be that you want to write specific content for the user to see when they view the site on mobile – or […]

Developer Diary – June

Only a small update this month, now we’re heading into the summer holiday season there’s a big rush from other clients on the bespoke / larger events side. As this quietens down in the summer weeks we’ll be able to focus on some of the bigger tasks waiting in the wings. Exhibitors Added backlink for exhibitor profiles […]

404 pages are now editable

What are 404 pages? The 404 page on a website is displayed when there is a request for a page that cannot be found on the site. So for example, just goto So why would I want to edit them? Because they are your customers and they are not finding what they are looking for […]

Introducing – The Design+ Pack

What is it It’s a collection of widgets, design options and tools to help you layout pages better. The 1 page Home Page: It is now possible to set the page template to “Full Width” and create a Home Page that lists all the key content from the Event. The page is split up into sections […]

Developer Diary: May

May was dedicated to increasing the speed of the sites, making as many optimisations as we could to get a speed increase without changing the design of the sites. We focused on optimisations to the page construction timing, moving all javascript to the footer of the site and introducing lazy loading so images (such as sponsor logos) […]