Finding out all about website security with WordPress Tunbridge Wells

If you’re a website owner it can be easy to take site security for granted, especially if you are more of a web user rather than a developer. WordPress Tunbridge Wells hoped to show us why security is so important and steps to take at their most recent meetup. Every month, Miramedia host WordPress Tunbridge […]

Integrating your WordPress website with your CRM

Data is a vital part of every business and is particularly critical in event and media companies. Managing your data and using it efficiently will help you to connect with your audience and maintain relationships. However with websites, social media and other data collection tools, companies can easily lose control of their data – with […]

November Site Launches

City Transport and Traffic Innovation for Akabo Media Education Buildings Wales for Step Exhibitions RECSO Envirospill for BME Global European Association for Haematopathology 2018 for MCI Dublin Science of Exposure Assessment 2018 for the International Occupational Hygiene Association European Gas Conference for the WRA Investing in Africa and African Investments for Africa Events BTS Conference […]

October Site Launches

              European Gas Conference for Clarion  Alternative Events’ Alternative In House Tech NextGen Scada for Phoenix Forum Tandem Events’ Gamification Europe x2018 for the British Occupational Hygeine Society Gulf Information Security Exhibition and Conference for Dubai World Trade Center Surfex for Step Exhibitions Africa Investments Home Site The Energyst Event The Internet of Things Expo  for Dubai World Trade Center Ask the […] – New Feature: Using the Sponsor system as a Press Release System

I can’t take credit for this idea, it was given to me by one of our clients, Janine Winfield of Alternative events. It’s a great way to display news, press and blog content in a list, with links to the full content with no need for extra modules and fees. It’s a great idea, here’s […]

The ESTAS: Improving user experience with app development

Executive Summary Miramedia helped improve The ESTAS user experience with the development of a voting app for iOS and Android About The ESTAS The ESTAS are designed to help agencies, brokers, conveyancers, homebuilders and suppliers market themselves and to be highlighted regional and nationally for the excellent standard of customer service they deliver throughout the year. What Challenges did they […]

How to keep within your Disk Space Allocation (UPDATED October 2017)

A standard, you have an disk space allocation of 50 Meg on the platform. When you reach that limit you have 2 options: Pay for an unlimited amount of storage – at a cost of £10 per month or £100 for the year. Delete some stuff. How to stay within the limit: You can […]

What to consider when selecting an editorial theme (and why ours ticks the boxes)

What to consider when selecting an editorial theme (and why ours ticks the boxes) When launching an editorial site for a magazine or news, choosing the right theme is important. Whether your site is undergoing a re-design or being created from scratch, when it comes to picking a theme, here are the key points to […]

Managing Picture Sizes without Photoshop

WordPress and the platform has great automatic tools for resizing images. So uploading a speaker image for example will automatically create various image sizes for different purposes. However we recommend you only upload image sizes that you need on the site – rather than uploading very large files. You rarely need large images (e.g. […]


If you are experiencing the error with the security warning (today Thursday 10 August 11.20 GMT), as a temporary measure please click Advanced and Proceed to unsafe (the terminology may be different depending on what browser you are using). We are aware of the problem and are working on a permanent solution to this so you will […]

Site of the Month: June 2017

June’s Site of the Month is Building Live for UBM. We created this site using our Byzantium  theme using very well thought out assets for the event branding. We were then able to translate these into a very engaging design within the WordPress theme