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Western Hospitals – Draft Case Study

Executive Summary

Lucy to write.

[LUCY – can you make this generic, don’t mention the name of the hospital ]

About Great Western Hospitals 

The Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides acute hospital services at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, and other health services at various other locations.

What Challenges did they face?

  • They wanted to review the site to see where they were.
    • Plugins, what was brought in, what was written for them
    • WordPress version- what is it, can it be updated
    • Any plugin that will have a problem with the newest WP Version


How did we help/ the solution

describe how your company worked with your customer to find a solution to their challenges and implement a winning strategy. Use this space to describe how they are now using your product or service to solve their challenges from the previous section.

We listed the plugins and grouped them.

What were the results?

prove that your product/service impacted the customer’s business and helped them to achieve their goals.use metrics particularly if they’ve been able to quantify or speak to the ROI of their investment.


Need to ask them for a quote


if possible/available

Call to action for Miramedia

Use your CTA to lead your prospect to a landing page or a contact form

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