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Seminar programme improved with version 2.5

Today we’ve released the 2nd update in two days.  This time the focus is on our seminar programme we’ve made some major updates to improve the seminar layout the handling of speakers and tracks as well as improving the way you display your session content by allowing you to link to your seminar sessions ordered by track or by day.

New Features in V2.5:

  1. Added: New taxonomy support for seminar sessions so users can display programme by track or by date.
  2. Added: the default speaker avatar can now be changed in the advanced options.
  3. Added: New template with second wigitised area.
  4. Added: Option to select how many speakers to display on the speakers page.
Updates/tweaks/changes in V2.5
  1. Changed: if no speakers have been selected as ‘featured’ then all speakers will display on the speaker widgets.
  2. Changed: Track title will now appear above the seminar session unless the previous session is part of the same track.
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed: bug with speaker sidebar widget not adjusting to correct height.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below:

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