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Version 2.4

After client feedback we’ve been busy at work at this new update. The main focus of this update is to allow users in different locations around the world to tweak the site to get a more local feel.

New Features

  1. Added: New language fields to change all hardcoded text.
  2. Added: ‘Advanced’ option to the event settings admin area
  3. Added: Option to enable ‘advanced’ colour selection. This adds other colour options such as h1, h2 etc.
  4. Added: full width page template


  1. Changed: Action buttons in admin now show blue as originally intended.
  2. Changed: Moved seminar layout and primary redirect to the advanced tab.
  3. Changed: Merged the ‘event dates’ tab into the event details tab.


Fixed: Speaker homepage widget showing all speakers regardless of featured or not.


Removed: Registration link fields as these just add to admin confusion. Use custom menu widget instead to add links.

Registration links can be added using the custom menu builder to add to the sidebar or the main navigation.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below:

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